May 2011 Instyle!

Just to share, Instyle Magazine: May 2011. Kate Hudson on the cover!

I don’t think I can ever get over how pretty Mila Kuni’s dress is :O The one on the far left.

Have i ever shared the Valencia (band) shirt that I got on Fournine?

It’s HUGE! Medium size, but super big still.
“I Still Need You Around.  I’d Be Lost Without You” –Track 3 on their album Dancing With The Ghost
Love that song :)

And these are the shorts I got at the Urban Outfitters in Old Pasadena, California.

Original: $54
Marked down to: $19.99
I tried them on, and i liked them so much! They’re really cute; I look forward to wearing them when it’s warmer~

Haven’t done much today -_- lazed around at home because the weather looked depressing in the morning and practiced violin.  Realized I have homework to do but obviously won’t do it haha. I’ll do it later probably . . . but I needa study tonight D:  I can’t wait until after the AP test, I’ll probably go out and take more photos! And then after SAT and school, i’ll be FREE :D
I can’t wait for summer!!


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