Random Car Post

I just watched Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift . . . and can i say i just love that Nissan 350z? :D

The Mazda RX-8 from the movie.  Not that bad . . . like the color kinda ish

I love body kits? Or vinyls, whatever you call them o.o the design on the car on the 350z.Love it sooo much, I’d totally get a black 350z with the white vinyls and white or red rims hehe.

Another random car picture my boyfriend showed me:

Ferrari 458 Italia in white! It’s kinda flat, but i still like it :O 
I was never into cars before, I mean I enjoyed looking at them? I’ve always liked sport/racing cars kinda, but I’ve never really searched them up or had that much of an interest in them.  But my boyfriend really loves cars so -wave of influence . . . – slowly getting more into cars :P

Ugh, the AP European test is this week! D: Kinda ready for it but not really?  And i’m sick soo it makes everything so much more unpleasant to do.  Plus I don’t really feel like doing anything; anything but school related stuff haha.  Meh, I’ll probably die studying thursday night and friday morning before the test.  At least I get excused all day from classes, yay? And then I’m free! . . .  until the SAT in june.  But the weather’s finally getting better! Well kind of, it was so nice out yesterday and then today all day it rained -__- 

OH! Picture I took yesterday:

Walking along the lake and i saw these flowers! Eh, too bad I was too lazy to dress better and take better photos -_-” But during the summer for sure I’m going to go out on photoshoots and exploring with my friends and boyfriend! Hmm, if I get a chance, I’ll post more tomorrow! If not, i guess the next time is after the AP test :O hope everyone’s having a great week so far, (And it’s MAY already!)


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