Relief! Finally the AP Euro test is over :) It wasn’t that hard . . . on the contrary actually easier than the practice AP test my teacher gave me o.o I was like, whooa I actually know these things? Haha, i hope i passed! It took forever though -__-”  The proctors took ONE hour in reading instructions, basically telling us that we were supposed to fill in bubbles and information. Test was supposed to start at 1 pm, but we didn’t start until 2 and got out at 5:30 . . . And my parents and boyfriend didn’t know where I was since it took so long! Haha :P  Afterwards, I headed to the mall with my boyfriend and just looked around.  I swear I haven’t been to the mall in such a long time.

Shoe Brand: China Laundry

Shoes Brand: I can’t remember this one . . . but this shoe was so pretty! The pink is soooo rich :O And the sparkle embellishments!

Ate dessert at Unicone: Gourmet Japanese Crepes! :) It was yummy, but it was like $7 total with tax and everything.

Haha my face, please ignore it! But look at the crepe! It’s wrapped in a cone, I got the Iced Bana Whipped Crepe . . . it had ice cream, whipped cream, and bananas :) Oh so yum.

Us being silly :p  Or maybe just me? Haha

And moving onn~ When i went to Sephora, i saw the pink lipsticks and eyeliner and i was like :O  I’m totally getting a pink lipstick soon . . . and i saw this really pretty neon blue eyeliner

Flashy Eyeliner Waterproof

In Flashy Blue!  It was so prettyy

And then i started looking at Maybelline lipsticks.  I was looking at these shades:

Fifth Ave Fuchsia (160)

Pink & Proper (020)

Hmm . . . maybe i’ll try out one of those two? Not sure about the Sephora eyeliner, but definitely the lipstick! Okaay, update again with Glamour magazine pictures! :)


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