The Beach!

Happy mother’s day! ^^  The day to appreciate all the things my mom has done for me.  But she wasn’t home -__- lol.  She was out instead with friend’s camping? Yeah, so instead I went out! Haha

Hmm . . . first, pictures that I just found from Nordstrom. (Eh sorryy I haven’t taken photos yet from Glamour, I shall do so tomorrow probably!)  I was looking through the Nordstrom Catalogue for May 2011, and then I went online to look at their clothes.  I forget how I found this . . . but I saw this black sheer longsleeve and it’s sooo cutee!  I really want to get it; totally would pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of pumps or something :O

Photo credit from Nordstrom

I looked through the May 2011 (special?) Wedding edition.  I think this was the only cute dress inside that catalogue; it’s similar to a floral summer dress but formal ish

And now pictures from the beach! The weather is finallly turning sunnier and warmer :)  Okay so the pictures look kinda gloomy buuut it was sunny though! More than it has been

Hmm . . . I think that’s it for pictures for now? :P  Self reminder to take Glamour magazine photos tomorrow!

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