Glamour June 2011

I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures from the Glamour: June 2011 issue, featuring Olivia Wilde.  I think she’s really pretty :O Her angular facial features are really different from celebrities who usually have oval- circular facial features.  (This post is going to be picture heavy >_<)

I love the two-tone eyeshadows! <3

Love striped stuff :)

Pink Lipstick! :D

Shades? Yes.
Lipstick? Not yet D:

Olivia Wilde!
Her hair is so perfect looking and the tightline + her eyecolor is sucha good combination!

Love this dress, the color is vibrant and the belt makes it like really nice.

Summer Hair!
Retro Bob 

Beautiful Mess

5-Minute Bun

The New Bardot

I can put up the instructions for anything on here if you want!  And just some pictures from the Victoria Secret catalogue, May issue i think?

I really love this . . . pattern? Print? Something, on clothes~

Ahh my favorite colors and print thing ^^

This skirt is kinda cute :o

This is it for now! :) Ah I can’t wait until school is over, and SUMMER~  Too bad the Glamour issue is for June . . . it already looks and feels like summer on the magazine and it makes me really want summer noww!  I’ll do another post soon ^^


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