Dianna Agron!

AH! So i’m watching Glee now, it’s a musical TV drama series thing . . . and i never really watched it cause I didn’t really like all the highschool drama in there? But it’s not that bad, haha.  Hm, there’s Lea Michele and Dianna Agron in there! And Dianna Agron is so pretty :O I don’t really like her characer in the TV, but she’s really pretty though. Lol, she plays a slightly arrogant cheerleader.  And yeah, so i went and found some pictures of her!

Photo Credits to Google

And tonight is the prom episode of Glee, but i can’t find any pictures -____- I really liked her dress! It was baby blue, and she was really pretty :o Haha, I can’t stop saying that.  I’ll stop now ^^ And hopefully there’ll be photos and I’ll post it up whenever I find it :)


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