Hanfu + Harajuku!

Hm . . . to start off, I want to share my Harajuku Lovers shoes that I’ve recently started wearing more often.  I actually got it like a year or so ago? My cousin bought it for me, and I never really wore it because it’s a size 7 and I ususally wear sizes 6 or 6.5. I thought the the 7 looked to big at first o.o Here it is!

I’m not too fond of the blue . . . it seems to dark to me o.o  But i guess it goes well with the yellow, red, and green hearts.  I really love the laces though! :O And the back of the shoes that says “Harajuku <3 Lovers” is so new looking haha compared to my other worn out looking Harajuku Lover shoes.  Maybe i’ll post a picture later comparing those two.

Andd here’s some pictures of Hanfu’s.  I’ve been thinking about getting one off Taobao order, along with my cousin and friend.  But I’m not really sure yet . . . they’re really pretty and everything but do i want to spend the money on it? Hmm . . . Oh. A Hanfu is a traditional Chinese clothing, from the Han Chinese people.   So here’s some pictures of some I’ve been looking at:

Okay first, the baby blue: The babydoll style is really cute and i like the colors but hmm, would those blue foral suit me? Since i don’t normally wear floral, haha.
The second/ third: It’s so pretty looking :O  But it looks too mature and slightly reminds me of geisha clothing? Just a little lol.
The last one, red/pink: I love the style of this one! It’s really pretty, but I’d rather have less pink/purple and more baby blue or black?

Hope everyone is starting off the week great! :)


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