SAM, Sun, and then Rain

Blogger was down D:
Anywaays, I went out with my friend on Friday afterschool, class all day saturday, and then out again today.  It was so sunny on Friday and Saturday! Well, saturday morning . . . until at night it started pouring rain -__- and then it rained on Sunday and then cleared up and was cloudy in the afternoon.

Okay so Friday!

Resturant: Palomino’s
Food: Uli’s Italian Sausage & Mushroom Pizza
Dessert: Tiramisu
It was yum :O Food took forever kinda though . . .  And the weirdest thing o.o the waitress asked me and my friend if we wanted drinks/wine? And we didn’t know how to respond cause we’re underage and we were like “Do we really look that much older? D:” Haha.  After a late lunch, we walked around and then went to the Seattle Art Museum!

Onto Sunday, me and my friend went to eat lunch, walked around . . . and yeah! That’s about it

Food:  Coconut Curry Noodles (Friend’s)
Food:  Spicy Beef Udon (Mine – No picture yeet)

I got the Red Velvet Cupcake, Coconut Bunny, and Peppermint Party Cupcakes :)  Tried the Peppermint Party so far, it was so yum.

The cupcake box it came in. It looks really cute :O

Look at all those yummy cupcakes and frostingg!

The inside reminded me of a dollhouse :O It was all pink and white furniture!

Okay, I’ll update with the June (?) issue of Instyle tomorrow or something! Hope everyone will have a nice week~


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