June 2011 Instyle: Taylor Swift!

Finallyyy had the time to download the photos from the June issue of Instyle!  The person featured in this issue is Taylor Swift. :)  As always, this magazine picture post is picture heavy.  Enjoy the issuee!  I’ll be posting more about my week later~

The dress on the far right is kinda cute :O

Am i the only one that likes the 10th look a lot more than some of the other ones? :O The backing of the dress is so pretty!

I really like the red dress Cruz is wearing in 2 because the red color is so rich :o

Love love love shirt dresses :O Except that I haven’t found a dress shirt I particularly like….

The material of the striped orange and white top looks so soft :O That might be the only orange item I would own haha

The dress is so cute :o 

Hmm . . . now when shall I ever find time to graffiti enough on my jeans? ^^ 

Totally doing DIY’s during the summer! :o

Love the white dress! :O Where can i find something like that . . . and the ring? or is it a bracelet, is kind of cute too!

This dress is kinda cute too :o The pattern and style of the dress is cute; it really reminds me of spring!

Taylor Swift! Soo pretty 


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