Sunny day, Out we go!

The weather’s been soo nice recently! :)  Blah I see rain in the forecast on Saturday, but it’s getting up to the 70˚F tomorrow~ I’m so excited haha.  Good weather, summer clothes, picture taking, and all the fun stuff ^^

Okay, pictures from yesterday, at Chinatown with my boyfriend!

Double rainbow!

Pigeons . . . they’re everywhere o.o especially Chinatown haha 

Favorite place ever for bubble tea! I love their bubble tea; usually get the Crystal Egg Bubble Tea or Papaya flavored.  But this time I tried the Strawberry-Banana Milkshake (left) and my boyfriend got the Champange Bubble Tea (right).  I love the color of the Champange bubble tea :O It’s minty . . . I want a dress that color haha. Anywaaays . . . 

Boyfriend’s shoes.  They’re so pretty :O He showed me some baby blue versions of these, and i really wanted it. But $115 for a pair of hightops? D: Ehh . . . 

Haha me :P And my . . . blowup fish face? LOL.  Photo taken by my boyfriend.

And that’s it from yesterday!  I didn’t take much pictures today cause I didn’t go anywhere but I want to share my friend’s outfit :O

It was just really cute! I loved the leopard print skirt, paired with the waist belt.  And ESPECIALLY the striped socks and boots! It looks really cute, the mixed prints.

And that’s it for today! Oh friday tomorrow :D I’m going out with my friend to eat and take pictures! So I’ll update on that later.  Have a great day tomorrow everyonee~


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