Past Three Dayss~

Ah D: today’s Sunday . . . tomorrow’s Monday = school. Meh haha, obviously not the best thing to look forward to.  Anyways!  I went out with my friend on Friday, and then there’s some other random pictures from yesterday and today :P


Afternoon snack at Dick’s!  I had fries, and me and my friend later shared a float.

Dessert’s at Nielsen Pastries: Potatoes!

And we spent quite a while at Easy Street Records!  I bought four CD’s, four for $0.99 each and then one for $3 :)

The Space Needle!

My new bracelet! It’s a YUDA Band, which people were selling at our school.  It’s made in Guatemala, and the money goes to support education.  $7 for each bracelet; slightly pricy but it’s so cute!  (My other mini Harajuku Lovers messenger bag in the background~)

Okay not much pictures from Saturday, but here they are!

Orchid flowers! 

My violin, haha i dont know . . . random :O

Dessert at night, to-go White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!  So yum :D especially the whipped cream.  My most favorite cheesecake eveeeer

And finally, today:

Breakfast @ Verve Wine Bar & Cellar.

 Shared breakfast with my mom.  The hashbrowns were just delicious :O They put in some kind of herb in it and it was so yummyy!  

It was so cool :o The sun finally came out, and around the sun there was a ring of rainbow around it!  This is just part of the rainbow

Shoes i wore today (side)!  They’re my moms, but i LOVE the shoes.  They were pretty comfortable, except they’re half a size too big for me so they hurt after a while -__-  . . . but besides that, love the shoes so muchh!

And front view of the shoes!

Today I basically went shopping . . . tried to look for a pair of gladiators or summer shoes but I couldn’t find any that were comfortable or pretty looking -_- So i think i might just look online . . . But that’s it for now! Recieved the June issue of Vogue today, so i’ll post pictures from it soon.  Hope everyone will have a great week :)


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