Fishie Fishie Fishieeee!

I went to the AQUARIUM~ :)  Haha, with my friend and her dad.  It was so fun! My friend volunteers there and she had an appreciation dinner, where she could bring people along too.  Explored the aquarium and then had tacos for dinner.  Totally forgot/didn’t have time to take pictures of the Vogue magazine though D: I shall do it . . . soon. Hehe but now it’s picture time!


On the way to the Aquarium.

One of the birdies at the Aquarium.

 Fishieeee! :) They’re salmons i think.

 Sea Urchin! They’re pretty colors o.o

 Hehe.  A stingray!  It’s face is sooo . . . cute isn’t the right word :P but somewhere along the lines of cute haha.  And those “legs”! He looked like he was dancing :P (Yes I call almost everything i don’t know the gender, a “he”. Haha i feel like calling it an “it” is mean D: idk. Lol)

 Harbour Seal :) It’s so cuteee!  His name is Barney :D

 Jellyfishieeee. Love the lights.  Love the jellyfishies.  Not loving the pictures i get -_-

Sorry it’s out of order >_< But Barney again! Haha he looks so relaxed :p

The coral reef . . . fungus . . . idk things are so cool looking :O  

 This one looks like a cabbage hahaha.

Okay that’s all the pictures!  Well there’s so more on my Flickr, but most of them  are the same.  But please look if you’re interested :)  I’ll post Vogue sometime soon . . . >___<  Hope everybody enjoys their weekend!

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