Weekend Shopping!

Hehe, it was a three day weekend! :D So happy, I didn’t do anything productive haha.  Okay picturees from this weekend.

We ate at the Tulalip Casino Buffett before shopping.  It had a lot of food, and TONS of dessert <3  Here’s some that I ate.  Cheesecake, a lemon something, Coffee Cheesecake, and icecream.  There was tons of icecream and freshly made waffle cones! :O I got Hazelnut and White Chocolate Raspberry icecream. Sooo yum~

They had Red Velvet Cupcakes. Frosting was yum :P 

Dinner on Sunday, Pho! :D I’ve been craving it for three weeks . . . even though i’ve eaten it soo many times during that time too lol.

Now the clothes I bought!

I bought this green dress and striped pants from Banana Republic.  There was a sale of 40-60% off everything!
Dress- Original $50.   Reduced to $20
Shorts- Original $45.  Reduced to $23
Total- Original $95+tax.  Now $43+tax
:D Saved like half the amount of money!!

So much orange!! I got these from the Gap. Clearance items had an extra 40% off, and other clothes also had other discounts!  These clothes had other colors, but they didn’t look that nice.
Tank Top- Original $4.  Reduced $2.39
Scarf- Original $15. Reduced to $13.
T Shirt- Original $5.  Reduced to $4.79.
Total- Original $24.  Now $20.
Okay not that much price difference but still :P

Shoes! All from Bass.  They had a sale, “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” for shoes.  Soo I ended up picking three pairs of shoes >_< I didn’t really need them but they’re cutee :P

White Sandals.  Original: $74

Grey Sandals.  Original $79.
It’s funny the shoes have different colored stones :p

Blue Boat Shoes.  $95.

So total, paid for the most expensive shoes, the $95.  However there was a discount with an extra 30% off, and then an extra $10 off when you donate.  All three shoes were bought for a total of $75~

I didn’t buy these at the Premium Outlet, but at DSW Shoes! They were $49.95

I love the charms and the chain :D  One of the few gladiators I can wear because it has a slight heel.

Okay so i took the photos for the Vogue . . . but i don’t have time to post them today -___- Blah. I will tomorrow! Haha. Have a great week everyonee


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