(French) Elle: MAI 2011

So my mom just came back from her trip to London and Paris yesterday, and she got me ~4 magazines!! :D I’m so excited to look at the other two/three magazines. I’ve already looked at one; it’s an Elle magazine in French.  Absolutely love it~ But the sad thing is i can’t understand anything D: So here’s the Elle: MAI 2011 Issue in French! 

(OH! Suuuper pic heavy >_<“)

Adorable Dior bag :O

I see more and more of these type of makeup now; dramatic and dark red lipstick.  Doesn’t it kind of remind you of Lady Gaga? o.o

The blue eyeshadow! :D And pretty contrast with the orange Swatch.

Katy Perry + Kate Middleton = Zooey Deschanel
I think Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look alike but . .  . Kate Middleton too? o.o 

A DIY for a summer hat!

Lovee this bracelet :o   Totally going to try to DIY one myself once school is over!


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