Glamour June 2011: Blake Lively!

Wooo 8 more days left of school and it’s summer! :D Totally looking forward to getting out of school, away from all the homework and annoying projects. And yay to photos, hanging out, and enjoying the weather!! Can’t wait to eat food . . . hahaha. I swear school’s supposed to be ending soon, but why does it feel like there’s still so many things to do? -_-
Hm . . . recently, all i’ve done is do homework/projects and classes? Lol. Went to my cousin’s graduation, and going to the class of ’11 highschool graduation :o  Onto magazinee, featuring Blake Lively!~  

(Picture heavy-ish again D:)

Blue <3 My favorite color! Haha.

Blake Lively! Her photoshoot and outfits were really cute :o

Love this black & white photo :O

No-Makeup Makeup.
Go au naturel~

Love the pictures from this photoshoot too :O The outfits really stand out from the background and the colors are so prettyy!


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