Mint Truffle.

Godiva.  Best thing ever there.  I had some truffles before, and the chocolate wasn’t as good as what I heard/expected.  But today I had the best truffle eveeer.  An Ice Cream Parlor Classic:  Mint Chocolate Chip. 

On their website:

So expensive D: haha. I’m tempted to try the other ones hehe.  

Blah to the pictures buut the mint was so good :D The other one is Tiramisu flavored.  It reminds me more of coffee, which was okay.  It was cool that half was white and the other half was brown though :O But the mint!! 

Anywaays . . . I’ll get around to magazines soon. Four more days of school! And summeeer~ And i got a Vogue with Emma Watson on the cover.  Oh! Happy Father’s Day! Hope everyone had a great weekendd


One thought on “Mint Truffle.

  1. yessssss these are so good ^_^!!! I tried the tiramisu one a few days ago and yeah…it tasted more like coffee than anything else :( It was a Miss for me. Red Velvet wasn't amazing either… But cheesecake and carrot cake were pretty good :D!

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