Clear Skies & Sunny Days.

S u m m e r is officialy here! :D The weather’s getting nicer too.  Anyways, this weekend i went shopping and yeah.

Didn’t buy much D: Haha ignore the random stuff on the top.
Cookie Monster Shirt: $8 @ Targe
Purple Bandeu: $5 @ Target
Dark Blue (?) Vneck: $20 marked down to $5 @ GAP
Grey Vneck Top: $20 @ Nordstrom Rack

I was so tempted to get this necklace at Armani Exchange . . . it was the chain knotted necklace with a bunch of feathers and other things hanging from it :O Kinda like this?

Kind of but not really . . . it was silver and gold i think? And the knot was bigger :o it was cutee.  Hm, i wore the Grey vneck top yesterday.  It was so comfy :O the material was really soft and flowyy~ Haha i’ll post a picture of it soon?
Anywaays, hope everyone enjoys the weather!


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