Day in the Park~

I FINALLY bought the pink lipstick I’ve been wanting foreveeer :D And i took pictures . . . but I left my camera somewhere   -___- So i’ll probably upload a review on that this week whenever I find my Panasonic cameraa.

Moving onn, this is from earlier this week when I went to the waterfront!

Lunch: Pho :D

Dinner @ Claim Jumper
Strawberry Lemonadee

Caesar Salad  & Hickory Chicken.

Dessert :DD Chocolate Calzonee! Bread slices with white and dark chocolate chips in it topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. With vanilla icecream and whipped cream on the side. Yummyy.

And then photos from yesterday at the park!

Top: Mint Top from Nordstrom Rack
Bottom: Jeans from Armani Exchange
Accessories: Necklace from Forever 21

Okay donee for now :P Picture taken by me and my boyfriendd :D I’ll update soon again. Have a great weekendd~

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