Lady GAGA!

Can you remember the time when no one listened to, talked about, or even knew about Lady Gaga? Haha that seems like so long ago.  Quick timeline about Lady Gaga:

1986- When Lady Gaga was born
2005- Her career started out (small-ish though)
2008- “The Fame” Album was created
          Top songs: Poker Face and Just Dance
2009- “The Fame Monster” a collection of 8 songs is released
2011- “Born This Way” Album is released

And now onto pictures!

2010 MTV VMA Award Show

She looks so pretty here!! :OO

Tribute to Gianni Versace
Love her two toned wig.

Her famous bowtie wig!

At Good Morning America 

Photo credits to: Lady Gaga Fashion News
Lady Gaga Fashion
Lady Gaga Official Site
Gaga Fashionland

Despite how weird everybody thinks she is or how much they like/dislike her, they cannot deny that she’s someone you can just ignore.  Her rapid development and BIG influence in the music and fashion industry is something unique. She’s such an out-there kind of person but no matter what you say about her, she’s still another person trying to express herself :)


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