Gene Juarez Hair Products!

So almost the ONLY hair products I use, besides shampoo and conditioner, is this heat protectant and texture spray:

The heat protectant is the pink bottle.  It’s supposed to:
-Help treated/colored hair
-Protect against thermo-radiance from heat styling products
I’ve been using this one bottle foreveer but that’s only cause this cost like $50-$60 I think? I can’t remember -_-” But I really like the smell o.o haha.
The texture spray is the grey bottle, and is supposed to help create “tousled, untouchable texture”.  You’re supposed to spray it in damp hair and blow dry your hair.

I’ve only been using this recently since my hair is growing longer, and my layers are short or thin. So longer = longer layers = thicker = heavier = flat-ish D:  Therefore i’ve been trying out this new product I got.  It was $24 at the Gene Juarez Salon.  Currently it’s been pretty good and i like it, although my hair is still kinda flat, it has more texture and is slightly poofier (or it feels that way?) Haha, so i think i’m liking this product :)

Textured hair:


I don’t know how to describe textured hair . . . it just has a little more something to it? Like there’s more umm, a sense of messiness or something to it? Haha.

But anways, I really dislike putting a lot of product in my hair O_O like some people really enjoy piling their hair with hairspray, protect, gel, etc etc. But doesn’t it feel oddly heavy and weird after? I’ve never understood that lol.  Like to me, the only reason i use hairspray or mousse is when I need a slick ponytail and my hair just seems to fly eveeerywhere >_<

Like how is that possible without hair gel or spray? :O Even before I had straight, non layered hair, my hair just wanted to stick up and everywhereeee.


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