it’s SUMMER isn’t it?

So if it is, what is this thing called SCHOOL? D:  Ah . . . SAT Prepatory classes all summer long. Twice a week. Four hours a day. Break is about 10 minutes total. It’s like tortureeeee.  Okay not really, but it’s a huge chunk of my afternoon free-time taken away. Just gone. And then there’s homework . . . they recommend like 6-10 hours of studying a week. Now everything added together is just like T______T  

My lovely two fat textbooks plus a bigg binder just for English and Math classes -_- I’m sure (at least i hope) I’ll love it if this torture increases my score significantly.

On another note, I passed my AP Test!! :DD Super happy about that.  Even though I just got “qualified” but still, I passedd haha.  That studying and stuff actually paid off!


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