the GARDEN :)

Last Friday I went to a Japanese Garden with my boyfriend :D Haha, too bad it wasn’t warmer that day . . . but the sun came out and it was still warmish. Picturees and my outfit for that day:

Black & White Halter Dress
Navy Striped Heels: Michael Kors
Monokuro Boo Bag
Outfit photo credits: my Boyfriend :)
Other photos taken by me

The fishies and the turtles were so cool :O Haha yes, I had a slighhht fascination with them.  The koi fishies just gathered around when I stood on the bridge, and the turtles were just there o.o So interesting lolThe heels were actually really comfortable for the most part? It’s just the gravel and rocks in the garden were reallly suited for walking with those kind of heels.  I noticed about the heels is that the right heel is more black-colored while the left heel is the navy-color it’s actually supposed to be.  Weird huh?


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