All this rage and stuff about HyunA being the new “Sexy Queen of KPop” ever since her single of “Bubble “Pop“.

And then there’s a bunch of stuff about her music video(s) being too provocative and her “trying to hard” be sexy and be like Hyori.  But honestly, in my opinion, her music videos are not that inappropiate or anything because there’s a lot of videos out there that are more …not suited for young viewers (lol)?  But that’s the image that she wants to represent, and a lot of people like her for how she is.  So why should people say that she’s trying too hard? Sure maybe she can smile a bit more or change up her style sometimes but if that’s not who she really is then why should she try to sell her image like something she’s not?

In reality, i think that this song is really playful sounding and maybe the way this video was put together doesn’t really imply that? But you can’t say that she is trying to hard though.  Plus even if she really is trying to be the new Sexy Queen and become as popular as Hyori, she doesn’t have to do exactly what Hyori did or how Hyori appeals to the audience, in order to gain popularity.
—Just a thought..—

Anyways, here’s pictures of 4minute and also HyunA   Jihyun





Photo credits to Google Images & Soompi!

AHH I love Sohyun’s hair in the “I Me My Mine” MV!! :O It’s so cuteeee.. maybe I’ll cut my hair like that one day? :p

Anyways, that’s it for today probably~


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