DIY Altering! 01

So I finally got a chance to start some of my DIY stuff/altering stuff today!! :) Mainly cause I got bored and I didn’t feel like doing homework haha. So here’s how I altered A Skirt Into A Top!


-A skirt
-Belt, ribbon, or whatever rope/string material you choose
-Basic sewing kit (needles and some thread)















FIRST: Find a skirt that maybe you can’t wear anymore, but you can wear it as a top.  I just happened to find this skirt because my cousin gave it to me.. I’ve never worn it.  But it fits as a top! :)

SECOND: Try it on backwards.  Mark where you want to sew the loops for the waist part.  I made my loops kinda above my waist since I didn’t like the skirt poofing out when I wore it :p
Since my skirt was pink (but i could NOT find pink thread -.-) I used a red/white combo and made four loops where I marked.  There’s different ways you can make the loop: a simple loop, an X-mark, etc.  I used a simple loop and then twirled the thread around it.

THIRD: Try it on to make sure the loops and everything is in the right place. And then put the belt or whatever material you used through.


Easy huh? :)


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