(206)– Hello!?

It was just a lovely day last Friday~  Started walking around in Chinatown and then ventured off to random areas nearby with my boyfriend :) Weather was nice; sunny and warm but not suuuper hot.
Noticed there were pretty interesting things to observe around town… probably should get out and explore more! :D

Outfit Breakdown~
Green/White Dress: Banana Republic
Yellow Bag: TokiDoki
Green & White Shoes: (Don’t remember the brand >_<) But if you stare long enough you’ll notice i’m wearing two different colored shoes… It’s cause one broke but I had a pair of green sandals and a pair of white ones so I just mix and matched!

Again, outfit photo credits to my boyfriend :)

So we found this Waterfall garden? Thought it was pretty cool; it was really cute and there were benches.  It’d be such a nice place to relax in.
Walked around and found this phone booth in the middle of almost nowhere.  It was pretty interesting o.o There’s art posters/pieces on the phone booth itself and then inside there’s an actual pay phone.  But it’s not really a pay phone.  When you pick up the phone, it plays music. My face literally was like :OOOO THIS IS SO COOL!! I was obviously totally amused by it!


2 thoughts on “(206)– Hello!?

  1. I love the shots of the waterfall. So pretty!Haha, that's pretty smart of you to mix and match your sandals. The two colours go with your dress, too! :)

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