DIY Altering! 02

Sorry for the lack of posting in the last couple days >__<  But HEY! ITS AUGUST :D

OKAY! This the other DIY thing i did the other day :P  Maybe your tanktop is sightly baggie or you just want to change your tanktop? Really simple, just Adjusting a Big Tank Top.

-A tanktop
-A piece of fabric or ribbon
-Basic sewing kit (needles and some thread)

See how’s it kind of baggie? It looks so odd -___- so I decided to fix it!

FIRST: Soo this might be kind of hard doing it backwards but it’s an estimate of where you want the ribbon or piece of fabric to be.  Tie it securely so it doesn’t move around when you change!

SECOND: Mark where you want the ribbon to be (or where you secured the ribbon previously)

THIRD: Bunch the fabric together on or suuper close to where you marked it. Since my tanktop was striped in made sure the lines lined up :) I sewed that bunch together.
If you don’t want to put a ribbon or fabric, sew underneath so you don’t see the threads.

FOURTH: Wrap the ribbon or fabric around that sewed-bunch of fabric.  You can either just wrap it or sew it as a bow :)  I chose to just do a wrap.

And you’re DONEE ^^

(See my uneven tan? -___-“)


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