Fall Runway Collections: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

My favorite outfits from the Fall Runway from ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! :D

First off, the dress is just <3  The dark-colored fur and the grey dress are so nicely well put together.  And the details are amazing! The details; the zippers, the belt on the dress.. even the model has matching nail polish! The shoes are so pretty. (I realized the close up shoe picture isn’t exactly the same as the one the model is wearing o.o) The lace up shoes are cuteee though.

The details of the dress is also amazing. The fluffyness and the texture of the dress is so perfect! I just love the top of it; it’s like a halter? and then the studs and the crossed lacing are lovely embellishments. The bottom of the dress flows really well too~

This dress is very interesting, in my opinion. The color is really pretty though, like a soft purple or lilac color. The texture of the dress looks sooo soft though. Kinda reminds me of a Victorian-styled dress, no? The shoes compliment the dress too, since the color isn’t that bold that it takes attention away from the dress. Ahh I would love to have shoes like those :O

The interesting hair pieces. It’s like metal chains wrapped into a Bohemian-style hair wrap. Makes me wonder though.. doesn’t that hurt? O.O Lol it does look really unique on the runway, but would people actually wear something like that? Hmm..

Shoes 01: These shoe heels look like KILLER heels. They’re either really high or chunky (?).. or both. Like wow. Love the far right shoe; the belt buckle is cute and I love that it’s in white! But white shoes is so not suitable here if you want to keep it clean all the time.  And the heel!! I’d be sooo paranoid if I stepped into a hole and broke the heel or something D:

Shoes 02: These shoes too.. also KILLERS! (Maybe with the exception of the few who can walk to high high heels.) The heel on the first shoe (far left) is really interesting.  That stud sticking out could totally seriously injure someone on accident.. But I love the print on the far right shoe!

Shoes 03: More more more KILLER HEELS.  The two shoes (far right and far left) look pretty similar, both lace up and heels.  The far right is more appealing to me though, the small stud details make the shoe interesting.  The middle shoe is interesting too.. that potential killer stud/spike on the heel and then the print on the shoe! It kinda reminds me of alligator skin?

OH! And photos from Elle :)


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