Fall Runway Collections: VERA WANG

Bwaha. Ever since I found the Runway Trends/Reports from Elle I’ve been all over it! So you’ll be seeing posts about it probably every week or so from it~ Not all of the photos.. just my favorite outfits from certain brands!

So this time its the Fall Runway from VERA WANG! :D

This dress seems more summery to me.. just cause of the light color and soft texture of the dress. I wouldn’t mind having a dress like this to wear during the summer.. haha. But the tiers are interesting on the bottom part, it makes the dress look more like a two-piece. (Unless it is?? O.O) But it’d totally work for Fall! Just throw on a trench coat or long coat/cardigan, and it’d be wonderful! The shoes.  I’m not sure what I think about them; chunky ish but interesting and simple.

The pop-up collar is lovelyy~ And one of my favorite colors: BLACK! Super want a vest with a fur hood now D: The zippers and the pockets are interesting.  Plus the dress under looks so pretty and the material looks so soft! The dress looks suitable for fall; toned down in colors yet comfortable and relaxed.


Ohmygod. The gloves make this outfit look all the more vampire-like! The thing around the color/back reminds me of those vampire outfits.. and then the black gloves against a grey elegant-material dress! The gloves totally stand out and makes you look so mysterious.  And again, that material of the dress looks so soft <3

Hmm… not to big of a fan of fur (and this reminds me of rabbit fur D:) but it’s kinda cute. Love the sheer look of the skirt, and the jacket is cute! The skirt, to me, gives off a vibe of playfulness and it’s flowy material is nice.  The jacket reminds me of a biker lady but with more elements of “girliness” to it :P

Pictures are from Elle!
Okay I’ll post another Runway-picture post.. in a week. I’ll show some daily outfit photos soon! But BEWARE! It’s gona be some CRAPPY phone photos in some posts because I didn’t have my camera T__T Anyways, until next timee!


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