Late FOOD Pictures!

Ahh I forgot to post some food photos D: Some from a while ago.. some recent. I think all of them are phone pictures?
 -____-” Didn’t bring my camera so yeahh..
I’ll start from the mooost far back.
It’s called “Birthday Ice Cream”. Basically vanilla icecream with sprinkles and crushed cupcake in it. It was yum though :)
Indian foodd~ I think this was… Ah i don’t remember D: I just know there’s califlower, potatoes, and chicken (?) in it. Slightly spicy, but not really.
AH I DONT REMEMBER THIS ONE EITHER. -.-” Sorry.. it was so long ago lol. This was more of a curry-like dish.  It had carrots, pork, and potato (?). Yum with ricee and naan :D
This one I definitely remember.  Well these last two. My favoritee: Indian Naan Bread. We ordered the garlic and spinach one, and garlic is BY FAR the best :D Dip it in curry, or the sauce they give you and it’s deliciouss!
Tandori Chicken.  Also one of my favorites :) (minus the veggies haha). Although I do like mixing rice and curry dishes.. Tandori chicken is still yum.
Janjuree: A Thai Place.
This is.. Calamari! It was made fresh and crispyy~
Curry. Didn’t try it.. cause I ordered my favorite dish <3 But it looked yum though.
Pad See Ew and Pad Kee Mao. All time favorite Thai dish: Pad See Ew :D It’s kind of like chow-fun noodles. Slightly sweet and yum!! And if you like sweet/spicy food, you should definitely try it!
Odd fish dish.. It’s like fish with a bunch of sauce and other stuff. Didn’t try this one either but the dish it was presented in looked cool :P
Kushibar: A Japanese Resturant.  It didn’t really serve much sushi dishes.. just some sashimi; mostly grilled skewers and noodles.
Nabeyaki Udon.  Pretty yum. It had fish balls, chicken, egg, and a shrimp tempura.  I actually like just plain udon with fishcake haha.
Seafood Platter.  Basically all seafood skewers: unagi, shrimp, salmon, tuna, and something else… Lol. I tried the unagi and it was okay I guess :p
Spicy Nabeyaki Udon.  I didn’t try it.. it looked too spicy haha.  But it’s basically everything in the Nabeyaki Udon that I ordered (fish balls, egg, noodles, shrimp tempura, and chicken) but also kimchee veggies.Okay that’s all the food pictures for now! :)

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