OPI Shatter Polish!

Went shopping this weekend and got myself a OPI Shatter Polish :D

Shhh ignore the messiness of my nails >___<”
Haha one reason I don’t usually do my nails (on my hands at least) is because when things don’t turn out right I want to redo them and then things start going downhill from there -.-”

But anyways! I tried the OPI Shatter Polish! I used a white based, and allowed it to dry. And then applied the OPI polish and watched it work wondeeers! The polish looked like it was shrinking or something :p And then since I don’t have any good working top-coats.. I applied some sparkles!

Things to note:
Thinner coat of OPI = More shattery-looking
Thicker coat of OPI = Shattered look, but less cracks in between

The green i was using didn’t look as nice.. since the blue and green didn’t have much contrast.  So i only did it on my thumb (you can’t see it in the pictures).. But yeah! I was tempted to buy more colors D: It was ~$10 for one bottle though at Sephora..

Until next time~!


6 thoughts on “OPI Shatter Polish!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You have such pretty nails! Absolutely love it! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)Kisses,Annabellehttp://vivaluxury.blogspot.com

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