Playground & Park~~

Hehe just a random fact buuuut.. i LOVE parks :D Especially ones with playgrounds mwahaha. The swings, the spinny-thingie (yes that’s what i call it LOL!), and the monkey bars. They all just remind me of when i was a little kidd :) Totally brings back memories, and of course, my inner kiddyness just screams at the joy of being in a park~

So yesterday I went to the park with my boyfriend :) And here’s some pictures! Not that many pictures this timee

Blue Heart Earrings
Red/Blue/White Plaid Top
Shorts from Banana Republic

Outfit photo credits to my boyfriend!

Have i mentioned that I suuuper love my shorts? Haha. They’re so comfy! I want more shorts like these D: But too bad summer’s almost over… meh. And those earrings! I got them as a gift from my cousin; one of my favorite pairs of earrings :)


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