Just Random Stuff

SO. Today I tripped and fell in front of a bus -.- Well good thing my knee didn’t start bleeding alot.. but still, it’s kinda embarassing >___<

Anyways, SAT class today was so boring as always.  But I tried doing the twist-bun -curl-hair-thing. Aha. Here’s the result:



(  Iff you haven’t noticed.. I SUCK at taking self pictures D: I need a mirror to do it. LOL. And i was too lazy to use my Nikon so yeahh… compact camera! :D  )

So my hair turned out kinda curly? There’s definitely more texture, which i like.  I probably should buy some kind of hair serum..gel.. thing.  For whatever reason my hair tends to look really dry after I do the bun-thing o.o Or am i doing it wrong? But nonetheless I should buy SOME type of hair thing to also keep in the curls/waves in longer.

What do you think of it: Yaya-Okay or Eh-No. ?

And also just a boring, lazy outfit photo:

Have I ever showed these jeans? I DIY-ed these jeans last year sometime? I forgot to take pictures D: Oh wait.. maybe i talked about them briefly.  But anywayss, I flipped an old pair of flare jeans inside out and sewed them into skinny jeans.  Then ripped holes in them.. kinda fringed it out on the sides.  Bleached the sides and bottom, and just went random with nailpolish on the bottom.  And my favorite part: Sewed a heart outline and then carefully bleached inside so it filled it up :D

Sucks that the zipper and button is still inside out -.- So it’s kinda awkward and weird… But i like them :P Maybe i’ll DIY some more jeans. Hehe just an excuse to go out and shop ;D

Just a quick timeline.. Off to THE ZOO tomorrow (yes another one.. but a different zoo).  And then heading to NEW YORK & A TOUR Saturday morningg :D Super excited. Really should pack though.  Well i really should be sleeping since it’s 12:30am and I’m hungryy.  If time permits i’ll blog tomorrow… Otherwise I will DEFINITELY post pictures when i get back in a week from New York!!


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