Back From New York!

So I’m back from NYC :D Went on a 6 day tour and 2 days seperate in New York! The tour was interesting.. but more about it in later posts! Pictures are still on a different computer and I haven’t gone through them yet :(

But the next posts will definitely be about the trip! I’ll start backwards… chronologically. Starting with the day before the trip, THE ZOO! :)


Hehe. Silly pictures from the zoo! XD Me and my friend had waaaay too much fun at the kid play center thing.  That’s where the turtle and tree picture was taken. The turtle thing was so interesting! :P And the snow leopard cardboard thing… oh dear the people who walked by were like O.O…
But overall, it was soo much funn! Afterwards we walked around outside the zoo and then had some food!




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