NY Trip: Day 01 & Day 02

Just a clarification… I call it the “NY Trip” but I actually went on a bus tour that went to several different cities, and then spent the last two days staying in NYC!

So Day 01 was when we landed.. Not an actual day cause the hotel was right next to the Newark Airport and there was absolutely NOWHERE to go, but the hotel. Lol!
The pictures below are from the flight and of the hotel. And my mom also french braided my hair! :D Too bad I don’t know how to do it myself… -.-”

Day 02 was a tour of parts in New York City, including: Wall Street, the U.N., cruise around Statue of Liberty, visitng the Intrepid, going to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and Times Square.  Then we drove down the Philadelphia! (In my opinion.. that was waay to short of a tour for NYC -__-)


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