NY Trip: Day 03 & Day 04

Day 03 wasn’t as interesting.. mostly on the road driving from New York to Philadelphia. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel, it was pretty since it was next to a river! Got a room on the 22nd floor and the view was nicee :D Well more nice at night since you can see city lights and lights from the boats!

Day 04.. in the morning, we visited the Liberty Bell and ate at the Philadelphia Bourse building nearby. It was interesting, the food was displayed as a buffett but you pick your food, put it in a plate or a box, and it’s paid by weight. I think it’s a pretty good idea since if you waste food, its what you paid for!

Afterwards we visited the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol House, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and saw the White House.  It was finally sunny and hot that day! But there was some dark grey clouds, lightning, and thunder! O.O

Haha my “smile”. But anyways.. I just realized that i have sooo many things to share! The rest of my NY trip, things I bout, and also stuff as of now! :P So i’ll try my best to finish looking through my photos.. i have 11 GB worth of photos O.O


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