NY Trip: Day 05 & Day 06

Okay so I have maybe.. one or two more posts about the NY Trip? Depending on how many photos I have to share and yeah! :D At most three posts though. I’ll try to finish those posts soon and then I’ll share about life this past couple days (but it’s not much tho -.-“)

Day 05. The loooong drive up to Niagra Falls: 9 HOURS! Thank god I can’t drive.. well i wouldn’t even drive that far lol. That just seems so tiring!
Started the morning at Hershey’s Chocolate Factory! :D Hehe chocolate lover <3 But it sucked we only had about 50 minutes there and we ended up rushing through; we had to go to the tour on chocolate, bathroom (HUGE line), and then get breakfast! I didn’t get to buy anything D: Super sad. And my food wasn’t yummy..
Stopped at Corning Glass Museum for a tour and then continued our way up to Niagra Falls! We got up there in time for the last boat ride, The Maiden of the Mist, grabbed dinner after, and then saw the night view for the Falls. Oh it was soooo prettyy :) Too bad we couldn’t go on the Canadian side.. you can see the whole thing!

Day 06. Went for the morning view of Niagra Falls. I personally like the night view more since the night lights are so prettyy! But we saw a rainbow! :D Rainbows are always pretty. Especially when you can see the wholeee rainbow. Watched a 45 minute movie on the history of Niagra Falls, got lunch, and then drove to Boston!
We arrived at Boston around 7pm, just in time for dinner! The tour was offering $28 per person for lobster.. but the thing is you have to share a table.. about 6 or something people? You get only ONE lobster. So me and my family just went to Chinatown and got yummmyy Chinese food and our own lobster! And we still saved like at least $40, compared to if we ate that tour lobster-deal. Oh how i missed Asian foodd!


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