NY Trip: Day 07 & Day 08

The final last two days in New York! Kinda sadd D: I didn’t get to see everything. Definitely making a trip back, but who knows when that’ll be -___-

Day 07. Breakfast in Chinatown, shopping in Soho, and then dinner with aunt’s friends.  Not much that day, but a looota walking. The food was okay for both breakfast and dinner, but then it started pouring rain at night! We took the taxi back to the hotel and went to sleep.


Day 08. Last day D: Walked around along 5th avenue.  Main goal? the LOMOGRAPHY STORE <3 We were planning to walk all the way down, but it was so far and we had limited time so we took the taxi down to NYU. Looked at it.. walked around the square nearby and headed to the lomography store! (I kinda want to go NYU for college but anyways… )
The storee!! It was so godly :D Like everything about it. Everything from the toy cameras, the film, to the lovely prints displayed all over the wall.  There was a workshop, but I only stayed for an hour or so because we had to take the taxi back to the hotel then the airport. Basically in the workshop you pay $10 ( I forget if it’s a deposit or not..) And you choose any camera you want to shoot with and any film (colored or black/white), discuss about analogue cameras and then you go out to shoot photos! The lady was nice and let me keep the black/white film I chose and got a paper bag! LOL! It sounds weeird, but the bags were so cute!

You can see more photos on my flickr. Okay I’ll do another post later today! About my camping trip this weekend~ Hope everyone has a nice week :D



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