I went camping for the weekend! Well not the whoole weekend cause I had my LAST SAT CLASS ON SUNDAY (Woohoo!) So I only went Friday-Saturday; went with my mom and friend :)
We left late Friday afternoon. The drive was about 3 hours? Stopped in the town Leavenworth, since that’s where our campsite was, and got dinner at a German Resturant.  Ordered pig foot and pork cutlet; the pig foot was actually really good O.O…
Didn’t get to the campsite until about 10:30pm and there was bugs EVERYWHERE -.- They don’t bite but still… ewww! Set up the tent, made s’mores :DD, and then spent an hour-ish outside taking long exposure pictures of the stars!! It was sooo prettyyyy~
Saturday morning we woke up at 7am even though we slept around 2am O_O i usually sleep forever LOL! Made breakfast at the campsite and then walked to the lake nearby to take photos! Me and my friend were trying out pictures for portraits/senior photos :P
We drove to Lake Chelan and got lunch there. Tried to find jet skii or boat rentals but they were all out until 5:30 -____- So we went kayaking instead. It was pretty fun actually. We shoved our film cameras into a ziploc bag and called it good haha! Afterwards we got icecreamm and headed home; stopping for dinner when we were almost home.
It was pretty fun overall. But I wish we spent more time there! The stars <3 There’s more photos from camping on my flickr!

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