Irresistable SHOES!

UPDATE: Oh god oh god oh god. It’s September. At like 12:00am in the morning. But it’s September. HAPPY SEPTEMBER EVERYONE! But ohmygod. Where oh where has the year gone?? September… October… Fall. Then winter. Then a new year! That was fast O_O School’s coming up; probably going to make the year go by faster. Ah I’ll be so busyyy! D:

I was looking today at Nordstrom online.. just browsing. Definitely saw the SHOE SALE! :D Looked through it. Totally saddened by the fact that I didn’t see the type of shoe I particularly wanted, that was comfortable to walk in for school but looked nice.  But I DID see a bunch of shoes that are totally way to high-heeled for me to walk in for school or too expensive but if I had the money I totally would’ve bought them :P

The pictures are shown from least –> greatest desired on my shoe list!

Diba ‘Miss You’ Boot
I started to want a bootie like this for a while… meaning I’ve wanted it starting this summer LOL. I’m not sure what I think about this pair though.. the front looks kind of awkward? Well not awkward. Just not exactly what i was looking for.

Steve Madden ‘Perrin’ Boot
I love the length of this boot! And the front. But not the color D: If it was brown  orr black and white…

Latitude Femme Suede Bootie
Cutee! Love the belt buckle/strap.  And the color is kinda nice too :P I kinda want a short-length boot and a over-the-knee boot. But i swear boots with heels will almost always look better in my opinion.


Jessica Simpson ‘Cheetah’ Pump
I’m totally in LOVE with the color of these shoes!! Plus i also just love Jessica Simpson shoes~ Ahh it’s so pretty; very lady-like looking shoes too o.o It’d look sooo good with a cute dress!

REPORT Signature ‘Hancock’ Bootie
And this shoe. I love this one too. The peep toe plus slouchyness, with the belt buckles!! Grey + Black too! If i had these shoes I’d totally pair it with a black dress or skinny jeans, studded belt, and white top. Ah D:


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