Taking A Break

SORRY EVERYONE>____< I haven’t been posting as much.. er really I haven’t posted ANYTHING I’ve wanted to D: But that’s because it’s September; schools started but not really for me?
Just a little chitchat.. I’m in this program-thing called Running Start that allows me to take classes at a community college while I’m still in highschool. So I get college credits AND highschool credits :D That doesn’t start till the end of September. BUT I’m takin the SAT again and the ACT in October and I reaallly need to get a good score for college..

That being said, I’ve been doing a bunchhh of studying and trying to cram in practice for instruments and attempting to start researching colleges and applications! So I’m going to put this blog on hiatus for at least a month and a half.. if not more D:

I may or may not update my flickr (whenever I have time) and you may see me commenting on blogs or soompi but I won’t actually post anything new for a while D: Sorry againn!

I’ve just leave off with this A-DOR-ABLE photo of a kitty <3 Cat-lover for lifeeee.


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