I’m back.. with some changes!

Can you believe it’s OCTOBER? :O

The test is finally over!! :D So relieved…. but not really D: I signed up for the November test just in case I did something terrible on the October test.
School’s started.  Homework isn’t that bad yet, I’m pretty surprised!  It’s just college applications now and the ACT/SAT T_T

I’ll start posting again. but I’m not really sure how often yet? I’ll try to catch up on posts! Tooo many things to post about.. :O  Probably around four posts? Like two posts on events that happened and two general posts :P

BUT first things first. I cut my hair!

Excuse the unsmiling-unfriendly face LOL. I was just kinda tired.. but um. China bangs! Haha. I just had the urge to cut my bangs, and then just let it all grow out again.

I was just curious to see how I would look with short hair since I want to cut it like that probably next year!

This is really how I look though aha

And just an odd face :P ahaha.


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