Friday’s OOTD

It’s finally FRIDAY! :D Oh the joy. All the performances in September for my instrument classes are over, and so the practices have been shorter.  In this short moment of happiness… I realized I was blinded by the joy of having more freedom -____-
Oh how wrong I was LOL. I totally forgot about doing online highschool notes and writing essays for college applications D:  So.. I’m trying to finish up my two classes online, do all my homework from community college, and do college apps.. plus minor highschool deadlines -_-” Bah.

But moving on.  This is what I wore today! It seemed so cold outside and I thought it was going to rain.. It’s fall. It’s freezing.  And it’s time to pull out those scarves and boots from the bottom of closet!
















Outfit: Grey Scarf // Dark Grey Suede Boots from JCPenny // Black Skinny Jeans // White DKNY Down Jacket


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