Monday’s OOTD!

It’s the start of a new week. MONDAY!  Starting the week off with homework, rain, and new clothes <3  I did some weekend shopping with my mom; spent money D: it was totally worth it.  Buuut i guess I’m not spending money on clothes any time soon.. Oh dear that’s going to be hard.

I’ll do a shopping post, but I forgot some clothes at my mom’s place. SO! I’ll do it.. ina couple days? And I’ll do a food post once I download all the photos from my phone and camera!

But for now.. moving onto a OOTD.















Outfit: Grey Scarf // White Banana Republic Longsleeve-sweater thing // Armani Exchange Black Skinny Jeans // Fossil Lace-Up Boots

Oh.  These are my new shoes <3 love them. so much.. But they were soooo expensive D: I bought them at Macy’ for about $180.. I forget the price of it after/before the sale :o I’ll make sure to include that in the formal shopping post..


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