Brr it’s chilly outside!

Definitely not getting any warmer D: Sunny. But the fog and coldness.
Anyways. Sorry for the lack of posts! My mini memory card for my camera broke somehow… I swear things just break without me touching it. Just terribleee D: But I’ll do my birthday gifts/buys post next! This post is just two outfits!

Wednesday’s OOTD: IT’S DARK. IT’S COLD.

Outfit: Black Coat // Striped Black & White Sequinned Top // HUE Laced Tights // Fossil Laced Boots

I totally forgot about the existence of my blue highlight extensions :O Decided to clip in one side.. And then I realized they were as long as my layers but not my actual hair length -.-
I used to want to highlight that color.. neon blue! But I don’t really know if I want that now o.o My highlights from about 3 years ago are still visible at the ends O_O


Outfit: Bebe Faux Leather Jacket // American Eagle Denim Jeans // Fossil Laced Boots

Another recent buy, the faux leather jacket.  I’ve always wanted a jacket like this :O Didn’t wana wear all-black so I wore a pair of dark denim jeans and my boots! (Hoping my shoes would stand out.. :D

Hope everyone has a lovely week! :)


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