November’s Wishful Thinking… I want..

Ahh it’s November… and more wintery/fall clothes start to pop up. And then I see more clothes I want -____- I want i want i want D: When will I ever be satisfied with my clothes??  Answer: Never… okay maybe when I have/know how to use a sewing machine and then I can alter stuff haha :D But anyways. Sidetracked from homework and looking at Urban Outfitters. Here’s some of the things that caught my eye!

byCORPUS Rugby Mohair Sweater– $19.99
Black and white.. big stripes.. sweater?? Why must this be everything that I would like in a sweater D: (And I just bought one similar to this but in purple/black…)

Staring at Stars Paperbag Skirt– $29.99
Can I say that this skirt is just adorablee? It reminds me of those dress-shirt-dresses/skirts. I just wouldn’t know what to wear with this skirt exactly.. hmm

I reaaaally want something this color D: Like a dark..marooon? burgundy? color.  And flowy cardigans are always prettyy!  The way this cardigan flows down is so prettyyy :o
Okay so someone please explain why this backpack is $32? -_- But anyways, love the color of this backpack! And I need a new backpack.. well I’ve never really used backpacks; I have actually been using tote bags for most of my school life o.o Buuuut life is a dumbo and I’ve been getting back pains so I think (rather, my mom thinks) that I should have a “real” backpack.
I know i know it’s a guy scarf.. but who says girls can’t wear guy stuff? :P Haha. It looks so warm.. and fluffy.. and warm. Aha. I don’t own a.. circlie-scarf? Is that what you call them? My first impression was they were odd, but I do want one haha.
Okay reviews coming up sooooon.  Stupid mid-term Thursday D:

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