Sephora Lip-Gloss Set Review: Part I

AH SORRYY for my lack of posts D: School has kept me busy busy busy! College applications are due next week T__T Can you believe it though? It’s Thanksgiving in two days.. and Christmas in about a month. Time has passed by sooo fast :O  I promisee I’ll post more after applications though! :D

So this is part one for my Sephroa Lip-Gloss Set Review! :D I’m going to review the top part of the box-set:

Item #1: Smashbox: Lip Enhancing Gloss- Tease
Rate: 4.5/5
I really like this color! It’s a subtle color, despite what you see through the bottle.  When applied, it’s also really smooth!  I really like the lip gloss applicator, since it makes it easier not to get gloss everyywhere.  But I think it looks too shiny though…


Item #2: Tarte: Rise & Shine Lip Gloss and Stain- Cherry
Rate: 2.5/5
I was reaaally excited at first when I saw this lip gloss because I thought it’d look like a pretty deep red gloss! I was really disappointed though.. not only wasn’t deep red, it also didn’t spread evenly D: Like you can see parts of stuff when you apply it.. The gloss itself looks more liquid-like when you look at it on the applicator sponge.

Rate: 2.5/5
I didn’t really like this one.. at all.. The color is okay, a light pink (kinda subtle). But it’s suuper sticky D: Sticky when applied, and sticky when I take it off. And I don’t particularly like the bubble-gum smell?


Item #4: Cover FX: Mint Glaze
Rate: 5/5
Not much to say about this onee.  This is a clear lip gloss, with a shine to it.  I like it! It has a nice minty feel when applied :D
Item #5: Smashbox: Lip Enhancing Gloss- Radiant
Rate: 5/5
Another Smashbox gloss! I think I’m starting to like that brand.. but I’ve only had two of their lip glosses haha.  Similar to the other one above, it applys really smoothly.  And again, the color isn’t as dark as the bottle.  But I think the color and gloss looks really cute! It adds color :D

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