Glamour & Vogue Scans~!

I finaaaally got my scanner working! :D I barely ever use the printer in my room cause it wastes so much ink -.- But I finally set up the scanning part of my printer; scanning things foreverr!
I feel like it’s been forever since I did a post on magazine scans.  This is just some pages in the magazines that were interesting, from the November Issue of Vogue and January issue of Glamour!

Emma Watson’s so prettyy :D

Oh the pretty pleated dresses D: And blue dresses <3

I wanted a tattoo before.. but these look really scary o.o some of them.

This picture’s prettyy haha. Everything’s pretty D: But i love Kim Kardashian :D aha.

Ah pretty hair! Blonde hair looks so pretty.. :o But i’d never bleach my hair completely blonde haha.


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