So I’ve moved to for various reasons.. First, Blogger seemed to take foreverrrr loading things and I didn’t really ever feel satisfied with my font/layout.  Second, a lot of people seemed to use this blogging platform and liked it.

So far with my experience here, is just okay? I mean I like the font and everything and posting is easy but CUSTOMIZING CSS isn’t free :( ! So yeahh.. I’ve been going through allll  my old posts rearranging them and reformatting.  It’s been a total pain in the butt D: But bear with me here, I haven’t reformatted all the posts from the past (only up to somewhere in July 2011), but I plan to whenever I have time!  The old blogspot site will still be up but I will no longer post there.. Unless some misfortune occurs and I decide to switch back to Blogger.  (Hopefully not…. D:)

And so that’s it about that! It’s the end of December alomst~~~ Holiday season makes me so happy :D  I love seeing Christmas lights and decorations <3  I shall get my blog caught up on stuff now.  Last final tomorrow and I’m freee! :)


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