Christmas and After~!

Had the fun-est time with my family and boyfriend yesterday :) It’s always great spending time with them!  Boyfriend came over yesterday for lunch, opened presents, and watched a movie: Pirates of the Carribean- On Stanger Tides.  I liked the movie.. totally forgot what happened in the previous movies haha.  Afterwards I made mashed potatoes and then headed for family dinner at my grandparents!  Plenty of yummy food and presents.  I feel so old D: Less and less presents is no fun LOL. Plus I fell asleep on the couch for a little while like right after dinner.  Chatted with family for a looong time.. I didn’t get home until 12am.

Presents from my family! :) The gift pile gets smaller each year.. Ah. Oh well :(

Day after Christmas.. Went shopping with some family members.  I was kind of disappointed at the sales and clothes D: First mall we went to, I couldn’t find anything almost.  I bought some house-related things and got these adorable items dispensed from the coin machines.  Voodoo dolls and Domo! <3 Spent soo much money on that haha.  At least $5? That doesn’t seem alot but each Domo was 25cents. Yeahh.. haha. I got all 8 in the collection :D! Well actually, I got two collections and a bunch of duplicates. Was able to get these sea creature items, and adorable Voodoo dolls.

At the second mall, I was able to buy a sweater and got a free push-up bra LOL!  Everything at Abercrombie & Fitch was 50% off, even clearance.  I usually neverrr buy stuff from there because it’s so expensive.. but I got a sweater! It’s so soft and warm~ Can’t wait to wear itt. And it came with this coupon thing for a free pushup-bra in Gilly Hick’s.  I went with my cousin and got our free bras.  I’ve never had a pushup-bra… It’s kinda weird O.O But it’s prettyy haha. There was SUCH a long line in those two stores, and it was so hot D:

Was out for about 12 hours today.  So tired, oh. my. god.  My feet are so tired D: Oh! And I got two pairs of shoes and a jacket from my cousin :D I forgot to take a picture of the jacket.. but here’s the shoes! Finally, a pair of rainboots!


2 thoughts on “Christmas and After~!

  1. aww tell me about it, I was so disappointed with the Boxing day sales too. imo pre-Christmas sales have always been much better! you can avoid all the crowds too. nonetheless, it’s good you still ended up with some great purchases! :D can’t believe you got so many domokuns! haha they sure are cute though xD

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