Tumblr Inspiration: 01

Starting off with something new this year! I’ll try to post pictures that inspired me this week, for fashion-related things.  And what’s better than to start the new year with some inspirations? :D

It took me a while to get going on tumblr.. I nearly DIED at all the pretty things I saw on there~ The clothes and pictures <3  I swear it’s been getting harder to find decent looking clothes instores that are still cheap-moderate priced. ._.

Did I mention this yet? Maybe I haven’t.  I WANT A JOB. D: I really do.  Really badly. I don’t even know why since even if I did have a job I wouldn’t spend so much on clothes. AND I can’t even drive, so I won’t even think about getting a car.  Sigh, but still…

All these pictures are credited to Tumblr.  None of these photos are mine.

First off: Sweaters.  I cannot say how much I love oversized sweaters! :D Er well, oversized tops in general kind of.. Oversized tees, sweatshirts, cardigans! Especially men’s sweaters. They’re so soft and warmm.

Next, dresses. I would say I want more dresses… In reality I barely wear the ones I own at all.  I should stop being lazy by wearing sweats D: But on cold (potentially rainy) days, I can’t help but want to stay in sweats all day!

Accessoriesss! To be honest, I don’t accessorize that much.  I have SO many hats, and yet they’re all stashed away somewhere because I don’t wear them.  I mean they’re nice looking and I like them, but I find it irritating to wear hats for too long -_- I’ve finally gotten used to wearing scarves and necklaces around my neck though! :D


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